Dos and Donts

Thank you for choosing Kokomo haircutters to look after your hair. To help guarantee the quality and staying power of your hair colour, here is some information we need you to read.


  1. Use a professional Hair Care Shampoo and Conditioner. We use the best products available. Ask your stylist for your prescription.
  2. High fashion colours tend to fade quickly in our climate. To aid in this prevention we recommend a colour lock treatment.
  3. Shampoo your hair only on the 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th day. The hair’s natural oils are important for the health of your hair and scalp.
  4. Avoid white bed linen and towels for a night or two. Strong fashion and dark colours can leave a residue whilst colour is still fresh.
  5. Drink lots of water if you’ve had an on scalp colour service, and lots of water daily. Hydration is the easiest, cheapest hair and skin fix going.
  6. People with fine hair that tangles easily will benefit from using a satin pillow cover.
  7. Use a Hair Masque at least once a week, and salon professional treatment once a month.
  8. Use a swimming cap, especially ones with flowers on.
  9. Book 4 weekly appointments to maintain grey re-growth Book 6-8 weely appointments to maintain foils, permanent or demi colour. Book 6 weekly appointments to maintain a style.
  10. Alert salon within 7 days of an unhappy result.
  11. Bring photos of certain styles you desire. Pictures speak a 1000 words
  12. Use a heat protection product, when using Straightners, tongs or crimpers.


  1. Use heat appliances on your hair for 48 hours if at all possible, after a colour service.
  2. Use strong soap based shampoos. These can wash your colour investment straight down the sink.
  3. Use ‘home lighteners’ These can make a very big expensive mess of your hair. Often colour corrections are 2-3 times more expensive, and damaging for your hair.
  4. Use rubber bands on your hair. These can quickly give you lots of breakage.
  5. Go Black! Black is almost impossible to remove. Don’t try this at home.
  6. Cut your own fringe. We will do it for you.