Dry Bar

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We're talking skyscraper straight. When only ghd's will do.

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Classic blow dry, will smooth your tresses and give you heaps of body. Essential for flickability.

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Channel your inner Hepburn. The perfect accompaniment to a little black dress.

Tequila Sunrise
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The casual look you can only get from a day at the beach, minus the sand in your togs and sunburn on your shoulders

Shirley Temple
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Tap into you alter ego for a night on the town. Tousled, agitated, deliciously deshevelled. Curl power.

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Old school Hollywood glamour. This style will take you from the fim set to the red carpet. No photos please.

Side Car
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There is so much we can do with braids and ponytails. Choose from Boho to Soho.

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When champagne cocktails are required, it is only polite to have one's hair coiffed and well presented.